Privatklinik Josefstadt „Confraternität“
Glasturm/first floor
Skodagasse 32
A-1080 Wien
Site plan

• All malignant and non malignant hematological disorders (anemias , leukemias, lymphoma) and

• Chronic myeloproliferative disorders
     - Polycythemia vera
     - Essential thrombocythemia
     - Primary and secondary myelofibrosis
     - Hypereosinophilic syndrome
     - Chronic myeloid leukemia

• Disorders of plasma cells and paraproteinemias
     - Monoclonal gammopathy of unknown origin (M-GUS)
     - Multiple myeloma
     - AL-Amyloidosis

Office hours:
according to appointment (Wednesday after 5p.m.)

Registration desk:
Phone: +43/1/40114/5701
E-Mail: info@gisslinger.at

Organisatorical procedure:
registration at the reception, first floor. In order to avoid waiting time it is requested to be in time.

At the initial visit please provide us with results of previous investigations: laboratory investigations, results of x-rays, CT-scans, MRT-scans and if available a list of your present medication